45 min. Magical Comedy Show
from £140

Lively, colourful with lots of shouting out and joining-in, especially if it's a birthday party - we always include a special trick for the birthday children, they can come up and help if they would like to.

You can relax while we keep your children spellbound. A mum once commented our shows are like, "Panto for any time of the year"

No boring old card tricks here, we've invested in magic from the USA and developed many unique routines ourselves.

We have different acts to suit different age groups; from gentle shows based on simple ideas for 3yr olds and pre-schools to high energy shows for sophisticated 8yr olds. 

We have no problem keeping the attention of all the children all of the time. 

Our shows are funny, original and extremely professional.

£140 - up to 30 children
£160 - up to 50 children
over 50 children? - contact us for a quote.
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1 Hour Entertainment
from £165

When The Complete 2 Hour Party is 'too much' and the 45 min. Magical Comedy Show 'isn't enough' then we think you'll find The 1 Hour Entertainment 'just right'. 

It's that perfect combination of our hilarious show and party nonsense blended to give you a full sixty minutes knowing the children are being thoroughly entertained while you set up the party food table, take photos or catch up with friends.

£165 - for up to 30 children
£185 - for up to 50 children

Complete 2 Hour Party
from £250

If you really want a hassle-free party why not book us to take care of ALL the entertainment with The Complete 2 Hour Party?

That way you only have to deal with the party food, we can even provide party bags. (see our party bags section).
Read on...

We arrive half an hour before the party starts to set up. It's a nice time for us to chat with the birthday children, we get to know each other before anyone arrives. 

As the first guests come through the door we welcome each child and entertain them from start to finish. There's no awkward hanging around waiting for something to happen, we're already 'on the clock' and taking the pressure off you.

After the first 45 minutes of Meet, Greet & unique Party Games we'll bring the children over to you for their party food and later join you for 'Happy Birthday' - then take them off your hands to round off with our Magical Comedy Show, giving you time to tidy up or sit down with your friends and relax.
The price includes MUSIC, PRIZES, even NAME LABELS for the children.
TIP: If you're doing an 11am-1pm party then put 11am-1pm on the invites. Don't forget the first 45 minutes of our 'set' includes the 'Meet 'n' Greet' - it's a crucial part of any children's party to get right and we're very good at getting the children warmed up and feeling involved.

£250 - for up to 30 children

Party Bags

 You only pay for what you use on the day - if you only need 15 of the 20 party bags you ask us to bring, that's all you pay for, 15.
Each child receives...
An orange or purple paper party bag
A Magic Set
A Magic Word Badge (also available individually @ £1 each)
see our photo gallery for images


Insured? Absolutely. 

The boring bit... 


1) We only work indoors.

2) Your booking is not secure until we receive your deposit.
3) Deposits are non-refundable. However, under special circumstances may be transferable if
your booking is postponed to a date within six weeks of the original booking. (subject to our availability)
4) Grown-ups are not permitted within or behind our performing area during the show. You may take as much video footage and as many photographs as you like from the audience area.

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